National Anti-Doping Centre and the Kazakhstan Cycling Federation signed a memorandum of sotrudnichistve in monitoringaprimeneniya cyclists prohibited substances (doping) in accordance with spiskomzapreschennyh substances and wada

“The importance of this document is difficult to overestimate. Its signing – the beginning of robots anti-doping program, which we, together with experts of the center and international experts are developing in recent months. The program is aimed at preventing the use of illicit cyclists and wada
uci drugs (doping).

In 2015, we, together with the National Anti-Doping Agency, labs which are equipped with the latest technology, with the support of international experts, will introduce in Kazakhstan the most advanced in the world anti-doping system. Widespread doping tests among cyclists of all ages biospasporta, seminars – is only part of this long-term strategic anti-doping program, and we are counting very much on the support of the sports community in its implementation “, – said Dmitry Ants, executive director of the Kazakhstan Cycling Federation.

According to the Kazakhstan Cycling Federation, in a joint anti-doping program will conduct doping tests Kazakh riders everywhere introduce biometric passports among cyclists of all ages and more. Kazakhstan “National Anti-Doping Center” was created in 2013 at the request and initiative of the wada (WADA), it has an official accreditation of this international structure.